A Review of Some of the Apple iPhone X Features


Apple released iPhone X early November 2017, and it is a phone that they claim will be the future of smartphones. In fact, it looks to be a huge leap forward that Apple phone users needed and have waited for a long time. Their aspirations were fulfilling through the released of the iPhone X and they seem to be enjoying the great features the phone offers them. There are several exciting features in the Apple iPhone X and here are some of the features that found interesting.

Apple iPhone X Screen

The screen of the phone is one of the great advancements that we have waited to see on a smartphone. The moment you pick your iPhone X, a blaze into your eyes welcomes you. The new way to say hello world through the iPhone starts with this warm welcome from your iPhone X. Not only does this feature encourage you to use the phone, but it also reminds you on some of the things you might have forgotten to do.

OLED screen display

The 5.8 inches screen is one of the best things that Apple has been promising their users for quite a long time now. Leaping ahead of the iPhone 8 and 8+, through the sharpness of the screen and the higher quality. These are some of the excitements that await the new owners of Apple iPhone X. Remember the screen of the iPhone X is built on OLED technology. Therefore, its deeper blacks and an increase in blinding whites making the display better.

The Apple iPhone X Facial ID

Apple has moved from Touch ID recognition to Face ID recognition with the release of Apple iPhone X. Therefore, you will use your face to unlock the phone. Once you buy the Apple iPhone X, you will register your face as unlocking feature. When you want to use the iPhone X, you spin the head and as long as the iPhone X recognizes your face, then you are good to go.

Face ID

This is a step ahead with the biometric technology used. But it has been reported to cause trouble to the users of iPhone X so far. One of the reported issues is that the face Id does not work sometimes and therefore causes users trouble. Others say it is slower than the touch ID. Apple claims that the Face ID will work even when you are using the sunglasses.

The iPhone X Feels Heavier Than iPhone 8

Looking at the design of the Apple iPhone X, it feels heavier than the earlier version and it is also fragile. Therefore the users of iPhone X should make efforts to protect the phone. Armor iPhone case will be a good and worthy investment on this phone since it is even more expensive. Therefore budget for an armor iPhone case when you want to buy this phone. Please check our post that discuss the differences of iPhone x to iPhone 8 to compare each iPhone.

The only negativity with the phone is that if your finger is oily or dirty, you will have to keep wiping finger prints on the phone because it’s a smudge sucker! However, it is dust and water resistant and therefore a good investment to gadget lovers.