iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Who Will Win The Battle?


The redesigned iPhone model of Apple, iPhone X, was officially introduced to the market and now available in several stores. That is why getting one of these new iPhone models might not be easy. But, iPhone X isn’t your only option for a big-screen smartphone as the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus can be a great choice for those who are searching for premium, powerful smartphone. Here’s the following features review and see the differences of iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

If you don’t know which is a better option for you, here are the things you should know about the iPhone X features and Samsung S8 Plus features:

RAM and Processor

iPhone X comes with a faster, new processor called A11 Bionic that features 6 cores. Two of the cores are for high performance operation. While the remaining 4 cores are designed to maximize power efficiency of the less-intensive tasks. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus runs a fast 8-core processor, which is known as Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Samsung includes more RAM in S8 Plus, 4 gigabytes, than Apple does in iPhone X that has 3gb RAM.


Both iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus have bigger displays compared to the typical smartphone release this year. However, there is still a gulf between the 2 when it comes to size and the screen measurement of iPhone X is 5.8” while S8 Plus has 6.2”. Both smartphones have OLED technology, which displays made by Samsung and boast for having high resolution. The resolution of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is much higher than Apple iPhone X.

Battery Life and Charging

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is the winner in terms of battery life. Samsung claims that their smartphone can last up to sixteen hours of battery life when in LTE mode, yet when in 3G, the smartphone can last up to fourteen hours. Apple, on contrary, promises up to twelve hours of internet usage. Both smartphones feature glass backing that enables wireless charging. iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus provide Qi wireless charging capabilities that requires resting the phone on the charging pad. Both support quick charging.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and Apple iPhone X have the same starting point when it comes to internal storage, which is 64gb. These devices have options for more storage even if they have various approaches. High-end iPhone X has 256GB internal storage and S8 Plus may add 256GB on top of internal storage through microSD card. Apple iPhone X does not have an option to expand storage with a card.


Apple iPhone X takes pride from having a dual-camera setup. Its two 12MP cameras are telephoto and wide angle with optical image stabilization. Among the different special camera features is the portrait lighting that improves lighting of contours over the face of the subject. Moreover, the cameras are calibrated specially for use with some augmented-reality apps. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has a 12MP rear camera that features dual-pixel technology and can improve photos in any poorly lit conditions.

Both Galaxy S8 Plus and Apple iPhone X are great in their own way. It really depends on your preferences which would fit on your needs. Check also our articles about iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8.

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