The iPhone X is a Hit in China, Japan and the UK


The iPhone X is an amazing phone that Apple has produced. You can take your enjoyment to the next level if you put your hands on this smartphone right away, and this is just part of the new mobile phones. We will let you know more about what the iPhone X is doing.

New Mobile Phones iPhone X

A Hit

The iPhone X is a hit in terms of sales, and we are going to talk a little about this fact right away. This cell phone is just topping November sales in Japan, China, and Great Britain. This is the reality and iPhone are just the leader in these markets, which is truly great for the Cupertino’s tech titan. The iPhone is losing sales in the overall smartphone market, yet this phone is making record sales on those three important international markets. Therefore, Apple should be very happy with the things that iPhone X is producing for them.


Japan is the strongest market for the amazing iPhone X, and it has 18.2% market share here. The iPhone X has been one in the top sales positions in Great Britain in the past couple of years, and this shows for itself what the iPhone X can do. We don’t want to talk a lot about the momentum of the iPhone X because of this new mobile phones high price tag. The iPhone X is ahead of Xiaomi and Huawei in China, which is a great thing too. The iPhone 8 Plus surpassed the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 in America.


iPhone X has been designed with affluent buyers in mind, and that is an outstanding strategy created by Apple. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are some of the best-selling phones in Japan too. The iPhone X has a high price tag, yet affluent buyers seem to be happy with the iPhone X these days because they are purchasing this product like crazy from all corners of the world these days too. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has not been selling pretty well, and that is a shame for the Asian smartphone maker these days too.

Stellar Performance

The iPhone X has been experiencing a stellar performance in the UK, China, and Japan. The Android market is huge in these countries, yet more and more people are switching over to iOS in those markets. The iPhone X is one of the best-selling smartphones in urban China. The iPhone X is a dominating phone in terms of sales, and that is what we call dominance these days too. This all-screen handset is just amazing, and you have to put your hands on it right away. The iPhone X is so popular that a lot of people are just crazy about it.

The iPhone X is a hit today in terms of sales because Apple is working hard at making the best new mobile phones in the world. The Cupertino firm has invested a lot of money in mergers and acquisitions to create the iPhone X. They have also invested on R&D, which is an amazing investment too.